Linn-mar cheerleading

Cheerleading Tryouts

Linn-Mar Cheerleading Tryouts are the last week in March but our applications are due March 3rd at 4PM! 

Please find the application at: 

Important tryout dates:

2/27 6PM Tryout Meeting @ High School door 10

3/1 4:00-5:00 Open Gym/ Uniform Turn in @ LRC Gym

3/6 6:00-8:00 Tryout fundamental practice @ LRC Gym

3/27 6:00-8:00 Tryout Practice (material taught) @ LRC Gym

3/28 6:00-8:00 Tryout Practice@ LRC Gym

3/29 4:00-6:00 Mock Tryouts and Review @ LRC Gym

3/30 TRYOUTS @ LRC Gym

3/31 6:00-8:00 Competition TRYOUTS @ LRC Gym

4/5 6:00 MANDATORY parent/athlete meeting for all that make cheer

2023-24 Cheerleading Tryout Info: (HANDOUT GIVEN AT PARENT MEETING)

Schedule for Tryouts & Tryout Practices:

3/6:  intro to tryouts, open practice (6-8 LRC gym)

3/27: Teach cheer, jumps, stunt evals (6-8 LRC gym)

3/28: Review cheer, jumps, stunts evals (6-8 LRC gym)

3/29  Review – mock tryout & stunt evals (4-6 LRC gym)

3/30TRYOUTS!! (Assigned time – LRC gym)

3/31: Competition tryouts (6pm-8pm LRC gym)


Examples of Ballot:

2022-2023 TryOut Ballot


 - Motions - sharpness                            ____/10

         - correct                                ____/10

- Knows & says words                                ____/10

Toe Touch jump (form/pointed toes)             ____/10

Double jump(form/pointed toes)            ____/10

Tumbling (Up to 3 bonus points)                ____

 (+2) back handspring, (+3) back tuck


**Those trying out for Upper Level Squads will have a stunt score added by the coaches.


Upper level stunt:

You will be receiving a stunting score for your tryout.  Stunting ability can be shown at any tryout practice and will be scored as follows:

Proficient in any stunt 5, Extended Lib 4, Extension level 3, Prep level 2


Competition Tryouts:

Competition tryouts are held practice style. Everyone interested in being on the competition squad must be at the competition tryout in person. Dance, jumps, and tumbling will be evaluated along with stunting. The coach will make stunt groups and evaluate what each candidate can do and then mix up the groups to hope to see everyone’s full potential.


**Applications can be found in Google Forms. All applications are due March 3rd by 4PM. Late applications will be docked 4 points**

 LM Cheerleading Application:

Important info for all trying out:

Regarding Tryout Night:

-Tryouts will be closed meaning there will be NO spectators.

-Tryouts will be held in front of coaches only and videotaped and sent to the judges. Only 2 attempts will be given.

Regarding Tryout Attire:

-NO JEWELRY allowed (rings, watch, earrings, piercings, etc). HAIR must be up on the sides if short & IN PONYTAIL if long at ALL PRACTICES & at TRYOUTS - this is a national and state cheerleading RULE.  Breaking either of these rules means disqualification!


Tryout Results: The names of all new members will be posted on Sunday evening (4/2) at 8:00 on the internet: LMCheer.Com


Any questions concerning the results should be directed to the athletic director’s office Monday 4/3.  DO NOT call any of the coaches at home with questions about the results.  Any student who wishes to receive their judges’ comments must remember the try-out number they were assigned and go to the athletic office during the week of 4/3.  You may only see your scores if you didn’t make it, as we do not want those making it comparing who had a higher score.  Once you make cheerleading you are equal members of the squad. As coaches, we appreciate all the hard work students undergo while practicing for try-outs.


If you make cheerleading, there will be a MANDATORY meeting for all cheerleaders and parents on Wed, April 5th at 6PM in the High School Cafeteria, door 10.


Hazing - As per Linn-Mar Board Policy there will be no hazing allowed.  This includes “initiation” practices. We are supporting this policy and students involved in these practices need to understand that this is in violation of the co - curricular policy.  If it is found out that students participate in hazing, they will be suspended for part of their season.  Please also remember that hazing is against the law and that charges may be filed.


Additional Information for Current Cheerleaders:

You must have your uniform turned in before you tryout!  Put your name and size (if possible) on a piece of tape or paper and attach to your uniform that has been washed