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If you did not make LM Cheer: Any questions concerning the results should be directed to the athletic director’s office Monday 4/4. DO NOT call any of the coaches at home with questions about the results. Any student who wishes to receive their judges’ comments must remember the try-out number they were assigned and go to the athletic office during the week of 4/4. You may only see your scores if you didn’t make it, as we do not want those making it comparing who had a higher score. Once you make cheerleading you are equal members of the squad. As coaches, we appreciate all the hard work students undergo while practicing for try-outs.

If you make cheerleading, there will be a MANDATORY meeting for all cheerleaders and parents on Wed, April 13th at 5:30 in the High School Cafeteria, door 10.

Hazing - As per Linn-Mar Board Policy there will be no hazing allowed. This includes “initiation” practices. We are supporting this policy and students involved in these practices need to understand that this is in violation of the co - curricular policy. If it is found out that students participate in hazing, they will be suspended for part of their season. Please also remember that hazing is against the law and that charges may be filed.

Additional Information for Current Cheerleaders:

You must have your uniform turned in before you tryout! Put your name and size (if possible) on a piece of tape or paper and attach to your uniform that has been washed.

Linn-Mar Cheer Tryouts slides & audio